• Feverfew and Clear Quartz

    Tanacetum parthenium 'aureum

    open pollinated / untreated seeds 

    100 seeds

    Intention: It is time to look after me 

    Unlock the Beguiling Delights of Feverfew - A Hardy, Therapeutic Plant! Reaching up to approximately 60cm, this mysterious greenery emanates a captivating scent along with its yellow-green lobed leaves. Its graceful flower heads, complete with bright yellow centers and pristine white petals, are arranged in clusters at the branch tips, bestowing a touch of regal beauty to the landscape.

    The mature benefits of feverfew can span far beyond the relief of migraines, with its unique aroma and potency providing an effective remedy for a range of issues from arthritic and rheumatic complaints to fevers and menstrual challenges. Moreover, it can offer respite from numerous external discomforts - from skin irritations to insect bites and bruising.

    A Proven Remedy for Migraines - Feverfew's primary claim to fame lies in its exceptional use as a treatment for migraines. Rigorous clinical trials have demonstrated that the consumption of just 2 leaves of feverfew per day can effectively reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

    Aesthetically Pleasing - Feverfew serves as a beneficial remedy and a delightful addition to any garden, boasting its fern-like foliage and a prolonged bloom season to offer a comforting vibrancy to your outdoor space.

    To harness the crystal energy, plant individual crystals along side the seedling or incorporate in the pot or soil. We tell our plants our stories, so it’s always important to garden with a positive mind and spirit  and send a little intention to the plant to help it along. Happy planting x

    These beauties also make a great Gift idea 🌼

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