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BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD ensures that any personal information that you provide during the registration and checkout process is kept confidential and is solely used for the purpose of processing your order. BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD does not disclose information entered on our site to any external organisations or third parties.

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Customers must provide BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD with complete and accurate details when making purchases. BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY  LTD is not liable if we are given an incorrect delivery address at the time of purchase or returned goods. Any additional expenses in correcting the order are the responsibility of the customer.  

All of our prices are in AUD, BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD is not responsible for varying currency conversion rates charged by customers’ banks.

Customers will receive an invoice confirming the order onceBOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD receives payment either through Credit Card or Stripe.

We do not store your credit card details; they are deleted after your purchase has been completed. Payment or debiting of your credit/debit card will be completed when you accept to complete the transaction at checkout. 

We take a firm stance against credit card fraud. If your transaction is flagged in our system, we will check your order by phoning you on the given number or email to ensure that the purchase has been made by the credit card holder. If we find anyone trying to use another person's details, we will report you to the Australian Police and banking authorities.


Orders are processed on business days (Monday through Friday) excluding public holidays in Western Australia. 


After placing an order you will receive an email receipt confirming the details of your purchase. This email receipt does not comprise a contract.

Orders may be cancelled at any time due to an inability to authorize a payment, insufficient stock, suspicion of fraudulent intent or any other reason deemed appropriate by BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD. In addition, BOHEMIAN LOVE RUNWAY PTY LTD reserves the right to decline or cancel any such orders.