Sea Gypsy

Timeless Island Malachite Cuff

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The Timeless Island Cuff is a combination of old and new with hints of Balinese traditional design and details of  the ancient designs of creation - seed of lIfe . Sterling silver wired cuff nicely
finished with a beautiful malachite stone. This cuff is adjustable.

The Seed of Life represents the seven stages, steps, or days of creation, it is the blueprint of  all creation. It addresses the creative process of the flower of life. This sacred symbol assists in creating new ideas and new pathways in life.  It is a symbol of blessing, fertility and protection.

Malachite: The color of the Heart Chakra. This powerful stone offers protection from heavy energies, encourages productivity, positive transformation within the self, diffuses self victimization, as well as inviting abundance into one’s life.