Sea Gypsy

Abundance Necklace

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The  Abundance necklace is a sterling silver diamond box chain featuring a large feather and detailed with lapis lazuli, malachite and chrysocolla. This necklace is adjustable.

Length: 60cm adjustable to 70cm

Drop: 6cm

Feathers represent flight and freedom, soaring above, looking from a higher perspective, and moving beyond boundaries and limitations.

Lapis Lazuli is a  great manifestation and meditation stone and one of our favourites. Lapis Lazuli activates the throat chakra encourages truth and enlightenment. Another beautiful power stone to enhance your goddess vibes.

Malachite: the colourof the Heart Chakra. This powerful stone offers protection from heavy energies, encourages productivity, positive transformation within the self-diffuses self-victimization, as well as inviting abundance into one’s life.

Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, increased wisdom, discretion